Dimensions are in centimeters
Dimensions are in centimeters

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Knitted HD

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What is the difference between silk scarf and premium scarf?
Both are made of polyester fabric, both are printed same way, but premium scarves fabric is almost twice thicker and is rough in touch, quite like knitted scarves.
Can you make mixed tassels, for example red/white?
Yes, we can. If you want colors not available in generator please contact us. It costs 10€ extra no matter how many scarves you order
I uploaded file on oldschool scarf but can`t stretch it to be bigger. What is wrong?
We can make prints maximum 60cm long. Scarf is over 120cm, so if you want longer prints please cut your design into pieces and upload them one by one
What is difference between knitted scarf and knitted HD?
Knitted scrves has resoltion 650x90 loops on each side. Knitted HD has 1350x120 loops on each side. Also knitted HD has more vivid colors, ecpecially white.
Can you make hand made tassels?
Yes, these are available in knitted scarves, bar scarves and giant scarves. Costs additional 3€ per scarf. There are 7 tassels on each scarf end. These can be in different colors, also mixed colors in each tassel.
Is my file ok for printed scarf?
If your file is at least 2MB than it should be ok, but if you have doubts please send your files and we will check.
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