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+/- 1-2cm,
Dimensions are in centimeters
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Fitted masks

Face masks

Usually not choice but legal requirement. Do it with style.

Why these masks?

Since COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020 we have to wear face cover in certain situations. Depend on time and country it`s everywhere outside, or in shops, public transport, stadiums, etc.

Apart from standard medical masks, here you can design full print face masks with any design you want. It can be club emblem, company logo, creepy smile or political message. You decide.

Our mask are made of breathable polyester in either 1 or 2 layers. While single layer masks are just to show that you wear face cover, double layered are a good barrier for viruses and bacteria.

Masks can be washed by hands or in washing machine in any temperature.

Each mask has four elastic fitting straps that you can tie behind your head or behind your ears. This is way better than common rubbers when your ears hurt after 15 minutes. You can choose among 14 colors of fitting straps.


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