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+/- 1-2cm,
Dimensions are in centimeters
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Printed, Stick flag

Printed stick flags

Top-quality, affordable, and fire safe

How can you use these flags?

95% of our production are ultras flags for stadiums on indoor (hockey, basketball, handball and other sports) but we make flags also for political and social demonstrations, company events, weddings or even pilgrimages and corner flags.

What fabric is used to make these flags?

We print flags on smooth polyester, 125g/m2. This thickness lets us make flags with vivid colors on both sides. The other side is mirrored of course. Fabric is stitched around, so it doesn`t shred even on the biggest winds. If you want to wash your flag just put it in the washing machine 60 degrees and use your washing powder or concentrate. You can drain flag on fresh air or tumble dry. Colors will never fade, no worry.

We make flags a few cm wider for flag pole sleeves. This can be 1cm, 2 cm or 3cm. The most popular is 2cm, this is also perfect if you buy also our PVC sticks. 3cm is a good choice for large flags like 4m and more and when you buy our telescopic sticks.

Some customers want chrome eyelets it corners. We make this without any extra costs, just let us know in additional info. We can also make a second flag pole sleeve.

Of the same fabric, we make also car flags and printed sector flags.

Fire safety

All of these flags are made on fire retardant fabric, and each flag has a small label that refers to a certificate that you get on paper with every order. Our fabric meets DIN4102 also know as B1 as is respected in the whole European Union and beyond

Questions and Answers:

What is the minimum size?

In our generator, it`s 0,5m x 0,5m but we used to make for example 50x30cm flags.

What is the maximum size?

There is no limit, we can make any size of the flag, but a reasonable size is a 6x6m flag if you want o wave it holding a stick in your hands. 6m flag requires at least a 7m stick.

Is my image ok for a printed flag?

It is. Every image is fine, even in low resolution. Stick flags are in constant motion so even if your image is pixelated or a bit fuzzy, nobody will notice that. You will see it from a 1-2m distance, but such flags are viewed from a larger distance. The only important this is to keep a good ratio, so the image doesn`t get stretched.


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