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Round stickers

A most popular product in low price and good quality

Why do you need stickers?

Stickers with eye-catching designs are the best way to promote your club, ultras group, or organization. It's also a good way to boost awareness and bring more customers to your company or store.

How are stickers made?

After years of making offset printed stickers, in late 2020, we made the next step and started making custom digital printed stickers. Because now we don't use such high temperature in machines, we can print on stickers paper with stronger glue, colors are always correct, and we can make smaller batches like 125 pieces.     stickers are printed on 40x30cm sheets, stacked, cut on a guillotine, and secured with rubber bands. After printing, we can also coat sheets one by one with lacquer and then cut.     lacquer makes stickers glossy and uv preserved. Stickers are precut on another side for easy peel-off.     because we make even 125 pieces per design, you can order a test batch to check quality or see if your mates/customers like this design. Stickers' price depends on how many pieces you order per design and the size of stickers.

Questions and answers:

Will lacquer make my stickers waterproof?

No, it will make them sun-protected.

How fast can you make my stickers?

Non lacquered stickers we can make even within 24h. Lacquer needs at least 12 hours to dry well

Is my design ok for stickers?

Probably it is. Stickers are smaller than your monitor or similar to your mobile, so adjust image size and check how it looks from a distance of 50cm.

Do you also make other shapes like a heart or triangle?

Yes, but only in the vinyl version, where you can order any shape you want.

If i buy rectangular stickers, will they come on sheets?

No, each sticker is individual.

→ from 125 pcs

→ optional lacquer

→ paper stickers

→ from 4x4cm

→ up to 40x30cm

→ strong glue

If you want to order many designs at once you can use this multi stickers generator:

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