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+/- 1-2cm,
Dimensions are in centimeters
Our "COMBOXES" are sets of samples of our products.
Buying on of them, you can touch the fabrics, see the colours and quality of products you want to order.
We have 4 different COMBOXES:
Clothes Decoration Combox


Sublimation combox contains samples made in the sublimation technique.
It shows the quality of the printing on different materials and proposals of using it.

 In COMBOX A you can find the samples of:

- Printed fence / banderi flags with rings

- Printed stick/ sector flag

- Sticks 16mm and 20 mm

- Printed scarf

- Premium scarf

- Fleece scarf

- Printed neckwarmer

- Printed balaclava, bandanna, half mask

- Polycotton printed for T-shirts




COMBOX  contains samples of cotton fabrics used to produce our clothes (sweatshirts, T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, polos, hoodies, ninjas, sewn balaclavas)

In addition, there are samples of screen printing (normal print, 3D print, puff print, golden print, and gel print) on these cotton samples.

Besides there is a samples of DTG print on white and black cotton fabrics.


COMBOX Techniques decorations on clothes

COMBOX C contains samples of various decoration that we can make on clothes:

- normal embroidery

- embroidery glowing in the dark

- embroidery with full print

- mixed embroidery and print

- applications including natural leather

- rubber patch

- knitted labels

- iron-on patch

- hoodie/sweatpants eyelets

- strings for hoodies/sweatpants with own text

- flock

- flex



COMBOX C contains samples of materials and products used to create the choreography for the sport events.

You can find in it the samples of:

- Sewn stick/sector flags and flag fabrics

- Printed stick/sector flags

- Sticks

- Metalised and matt foils

- Plastic foils 0,05mm  and 0,1 mm

- Cardborad sheets

- Unfoliated Stickers

- Foliated Stickers

- Any Shape Stickers

Stick, sector flag, car flag printed
100% polyster fabric used to make light flags. We print it directly, not in paper sublimation. This technique gives 100% vivid colours on other side which is mirrored (obviously). Except for car flags each flag is tagged with small fire retandancy label and we give separate fire retandancy test report for each order.
If you need more paper certificates, or want flags without labels, because you are reseller, please mention that in additional info of your order. Sometimes after heavy rain, flag can have pink or grey stains. If so please wash it by hand or in washing machine in 60 degrees. No need to use washing powder.

Chrome ring
This is large eyelet we use in fence flags (if you didn`t choose tassels). It`s coated with chrome so no possibility of rust even after long use.

Fence flag, banderii
This is more like canvas, we use it to make fence flags, banderii, armbands
In fence flags you can choose between two fittings- chrome eyelets or tassels. Both have same price.
Each flag is tagged with small fire retandancy label and we give separate fire retandancy test report for each order.
If you need more paper certyficates, or want flags without labels because you are reseller please mention then in additional info of your order.

Synthetic fabrics

Printed scarf
We make 3 types of sublimation scarves:printed, premium and fleece:

Standard printed scarf are most popular, we make about 65% of these. Premium ones are 20%, fleece 15%. This fabric is quite smooth, gives nice vivid colours.

Premium scarf
Also used for sublimation scarves but is more raugh in touch than standard printed scarf fabric. Because it`s less smooth colours are a bit less vivid- holes in fabric are not fully printed

Fleece scarf
Thin fleece to make fleece scarves (each scarf has to layers so it`s thicker) or pillows. Can be used also as fully printed hood inside.

Printed balaclava, bandana
This fabric is stretchable in both ways so it`s good to make balaclavas and also sports clothes - we make parformance sweatpants of it and also ladies tops. Rashguards are made of same fabric but a bit thinner. Both fabrics are breathable, thermal clothing

Thick fleece we use for printed or embroidered neckwarmers. In printed version it gets a bit flat because sublimation needs very high pressure. Can be used also as any elemnt of sweatshirts or hoodies, for exmple printed pockets, hood inside or even large element like sleeve

Cotton fabrics
All are suitable for embroidery, flock, flex, and DTG and screen print.

Basis weight 210g/m2, used for cassic tshirts and ninja hood inside

Basis weight 200g/m2, used for sewn balaclavas, elastic tshirts, sewn bandannas

Basis weight 340g/m2 (probably you already noticed that basis weight are in fabric name already), used for hoodies, swetshirts and sweatpants but not in standard, normally we use D290 for sweatpants. 340g seems to be to warm for legs

Basis weight 290g/m2 used for sweatpants in standard and hoodies, ninjas, swweatshirts on your demand. Hoodie or sweats made of 290g are fine to wear at home or outside in 18-24 degrees when 340g is fine for 15-22 degrees. Wa can also make shorts of D290 which are made of LP240 in standard

Please compare it in touch with D290. It`s only 60g difference but huge difference in touch and warmth comfort. We use this fabric for shorts in standard and its also nice to make smooth polo shirt

"La coste"
Everyone calls this fabric like this because it`s almost the same. We use it only for polo. It`s suitable for embroidery and flock or thick screen print and DTG


Decoration techniques

You got here DTG print on J210 and D340 in white. In this situation you can even feel print in hands. Clothes printed like this should be washed by hands or in low temperature to keep colours for longer.
Another 2 pieces are on black J210 and D340. On dark garment we put 2-3 layers of white ink and on top colour inks, thats why print is thicker. As you may see on D340 print is not totally even, thats because D340 is 90% cotton and 10% polyester and after first wash ink came of that 10% polyester elements of fabric. These 2 samples were pre washed in cold water just like any dark DTG printed products with white underbase to be ready to wear straight away.
DTG is useable for smaller prints, or prints with shades, many colours and specially in small guantities, up to 30 pieces, and also for personalised prints like individual numbers, names, etc

We can make any type of embroidery:
puff- with special sponge inside
glowing in the dark (you have example in box. Go to dark place and see efect)
loop embroidery- like in sweatshirt USW135
embroidery with full print
mixed embroidery and print
all types of aplications including natural leather
different patches

Screen print
normal print- used for all types of print icluding dificult haftones
3d print- we make same print several times to get higher effect. on top of it we can make one colour print or any other, even halftones
puff print- this is single layer print made of special ink that swells in high temperature
golden print- also silver, glow in the dark and many other effects
gel print- can me transparent or colour. You have black gel sample here



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