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+/- 1-2cm,
Dimensions are in centimeters
Blue Polo shirt with multi-coloured ribbons (white, red and black stripes). High quality embroidery with gold thread on chest. XL pizza Polo shirt - black best quality polo with red and green stripes, embroidery, melange sleeves and decorative coloured ribbons. From 1 piece, l White elegant Polo shirt with Old clan Paris logo embroidered with navy stripes on ribbons Navy Polo shirt with burgundy sleeves and yellow collar with club logo embroidered and yellow buttons Red Polo shirt with white stripes on ribbons and white buttons, football logo embroidered

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Polo shirt

Polo shirts like Lacoste® or Fred Perry® In this generator, you can have the very same but this time with your design. You can choose between 20 different fabric colours, add colar stripes just the way you want and your embroidery or print. We make 2 buttons in standard, but if you wish 3 of them, just write it in additional info. As for buttons- each of them can be in a chosen colour if you want.

When you change even 1 stripe in colar 30€ is added to your order, no matter how many polos you order. This is because we must make a minimum of 30 colars and sometimes use only 1-2 for an order. We have many unused colars in various colours, so if you order just a few polos with stripes, you can make an order and email us it`s number, so we check if we have the same or similar colars in stock. If yes, you will save 30€;

If you upload embroidery or DTG, make sure the image background is the smallest possible. You pay for cm2 so this way you will save money.


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