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+/- 1-2cm,
Dimensions are in centimeters
Retro bar scarf with red and white stripes. Embroidery logo and Ultras Sago text on two ends of scarf. Red tassels, soft classic scarves. Football retro bar scarf with green, black and white stripes. Embroidered logo of sport club, green tassels. High quality. Sport club bar scarves with navy, white and orange stripes. Embroidery owl logo on two ends of scarf. Handmade navy tassels, soft classic scarves. Bar scarf for your team with black, red and yellow stripes. Embroidery logo of Switzerland football club and text on two ends of scarf. Red tassels, k Scarf with horizontal bars with custom design, green and white stripes. Embroidery logo on two ends of scarf. White tassels, best price.

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Bar scarf (6-8 weeks)

Classic scarves with optional embroideries

How are the bar scarves made?

These scarves are made of acrylic yarn just like knitted and knitted HD scarves. The difference is that these are striped so there is always one colour in each knitting row. This makes colors very vivid, especially white.

Special tassels option

In standard, we stitch in regular tassels like in other scarves types. Tassels can be one-colored or mixed colours. However, bar scarves look very classy with handmade tassels. There are 11 of them on each scarf end, and they can be in different colors each. We can also put 9 or 10 tassels if you want to spread colors evenly. You can choose handmade tassels in a generator.

Embroideries/ patches

If you want to decorate your scarves with an emblem or club logo, we can make embroideries on scarf ends. Usually, the bar scarf has embroideries or embroidery on one side only, 3-4 cm from tassels or in the middle of sidebars. If your image is very detailed, we can make patches in woven version, full print, or mix both.

Available patterns

In the generator, you will see six different patterns to choose from, but we can make almost any other, whatever you imagine. Just order scarves with patterns closest to your idea and email us the order number with a draft of your design.

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Giant scarf 35x200cm (6 weeks)
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Knitted scarf (6 weeks)
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