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Dimensions are in centimeters

Silk scarf

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Silk scarf

Silk scarves are made of smooth, soft polyester.
We print them with high quality in full color.
A scarf is must-have equipment of every ultras supporter or any other fan of football, basketball, hockey, or any other sport.
It is also a great thing for a music concert, events, wedding, and other occasions.
In scarves we make dense tassels in various colors:
White, Ivory, Yellow, Dark yellow, Borussia yellow, Light yellow, Green, Light green, Green putrid, Black, Orange, Orange light, Red light, Red dark, Purple, Purple dark, Brown, Steel, Warm blue, Blue, Turquise, Navy dark, Navy, Claret dark, Beige, Blue light, Claret, Claret light, Brown light, Purple light, Plum, Khaki, Carrot, Pink, Sky blue light, Grey light, Grey dark, Graphite light, Graphite, Graphite dark, Light blue

How to prepare files to be sure, that ready scarves will look great?

1. We have three options of scarf size. You can download patterns for scarves design here:
Download Template 115cm x 14cm
Download Template 138cm x 17cm
Download Template 147cm x 19cm
Or you can just use this dimensions:
115cm x 14cm - 6792 px × 828 px
138cm x 17cm - 8150 px × 1006 px
147cm x 19cm - 8681 px × 1122 px
Of course, you can upload a smaller file, but the quality will be best at these sizes. We recommend using these proportions - so that your pattern is not stretched after printing.
2. Your file should be RGB. It can be CMYK, but colors can be slightly different after printing.
3. You can upload: JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, BMP, GIF only. If you have CDR, AI, or PDF files please convert them to any quality JPG to upload and email us your order number with original files. CDR files up to 17.0 version.
4. Important elements should be a minimum of 10mm from the edges of your scarf.
5. You should upload a project without bleeds, but you can add 7mm on each side if you are professional. Just write in additional info, that they are included to file.

What is it about stitch types?

Those are ways to finish your scarf. The price for both options is the same, it's all about visual efect. Here you have inside stitching:

And outside stitching:

You can also choose threads color to make it like an interesting part of your project.


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