Dimensions are in centimeters
Dimensions are in centimeters

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Since 01.01.2021 we start making new type of stickers, in new way. What are differences?

old stickers

offset printed

standard glue


from 500 pieces

low price

14 days production

 CMYK print

standard color control


new stickers

digital printed

glue stronger by +/-50%


from 250 pieces*

same low price but +3€ to each design**

7 days production in express***

CMYK print

digital color control

*since Feb 2021 **no matter what size *** paid +50%

NEW stickers

Rectangle stickers (Square)

Round stickers

All shape stickers

Road Sign Stickers

Adhesive tape

What is the difference between foliated and laminated?
In foliated option stickers are coated with foil. It makes stickers less resistant for rain but look glossy In laminated version stciers are coated with liquid laminate and stabilized with UV
I want stickers good for bad weather. Which one choose?
Take digital printed, not laminated
Is 500 pieces minimum order?
Yes, for now. In February 2021 we start also 250 pieces production.
I want new stickers in size 3x3cm but can't order.
Smaller stickers in new version will be available in February/March 2021
What is digital color control?
It means decision if colors are good is not by human but spectrofotometer, so colors are always perfect
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