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Sewn stick flags

Sewn, Stick

Sewn stick flags

Sewn, Stick B1

Printed stick flag

Printed, Stick

Printed fence flag

Fence flag

Printed banderi flag


Printed car flag

Car flag

Sector sewn flag

Sewn, Sector

Sector printed flag

Printed, Sector

My printed/fence flag got dirty. How can I wash it?
You can wash it just like you wash your clothes, also in washing machine, with powder. 60° is optiml. Flag will still be fire retandant
I want sewn stick flag or sewn sector flag in different pattern. Can you do it?
Please email us your design and sizes and we will check if it`s possible, but probably yes.
Do you make sector flags in special shape, for example football jersey or circle?
Yes we do. Please email us your idea or ready design
I would like to have eyelets in my sector fag. Can you do it? How much is it?
We can do it. We make sector flag stronger in those spots and input metal eyelets. It costs 5€ per sector flag, no matter what size.
What fabric are flags made of?
Sewn stick and sector flags are made of plain polyester, basis weight 50g/m2 (65g/m2 if it`s in B1 version). Printed stick and sector flags are made of B1 (fire retandant) polyester fabric, basis weight 70g/m2. Fence flags and banderii are made of polyester similar to painting canvas, basis wejght 200g/m2.
I want to order flags and PVC sticks. What flag pole should I choose?
Please choose 2cm flag pole.
I want to order flag and telescopic stick. What flag pole should I choose?
Please choose 3cm flag pole.
I want to paint my flag. What paint should I use?
We don't know what paints are available in your country. In Poland we usually use Montana spray paint. You can buy Combox choreo that contains all our fabrics samples and test by yourself.
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