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Baumwoll Mütze

Hergestellt aus Acryl, gestrickt in einer Auflösung von ca. 650x90 Schlaufen auf jeder Seite.

Traditional, most common ultras scarves

How are the knitted scarves made?

These scarves are made of acrylic yarn. There can be up to 7 colors in each scarf. Both sides can be different. Scarf size is 17cm in width and 125-130 cm in length. We adjust it depending on your design to avoid stretching important elements like emblems, logos


In standard, we stitch in regular tassels like in other scarves types. Tassels can be one-colored or mixed colors. Sometimes You ask us to make knitted scarves without any tassels. No problem with that, just let us know before production

What design can we knit?

Knitted scarves have their limitations. Each side of the scarf is made of about 650x90 loops. Loop is like a pixel on a computer. You can change your file size to a 650x90 pixels file and see how details look. If you think it`s not satisfying you might consider ordering High Density knitted scarves

Car flags are printed on polyester fabric and double-sided. There are two sizes to choose from, but we can make them longer, square, or in any special shape. A fitting stick for the window top is included. If you order more than two flags, we will make half of them for the car's right side and the rest for the left side of the car.

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